Pictures from Jesus' Miracles and the Ministry of Christ
Free public domain paintings and pictures from the Temptation of Christ, the Sermon of the Mount and Jesus' Miracles. All in high resolution.

Temptation of Christ
Written by Joyce   

After John had baptized Jesus, Christ went out into the desert to fast, and in the wilderness he is to be tempted by the devil.This event from the bible has intrigued writers and artists for hundreds of years and is often found in art and literature. 

Jesus Performing Miracles
Written by Joyce   

All of the many miracles that Jesus performed throughout his ministry have been subject to innumerable paintings and other cultural expressions – from the cradle of Christianity to contemporary art.

Sermon on the Mount
Written by Joyce   

Throughout Jesus’ Ministry, the Sermon on the Mount is definitely the most inspiring for me personally, as it deals with the very essence of Christianity and Jesus' teachings. Likewise is art dealing with the event often focused on conveying the message.


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